Systemic issues
Acupuncture has helped improve the quality of my life.
Within a few treatments I started to have more energy. My Migraines have ended. I have suffered almost no allergy symptoms and have had no sinus infections this year. With a combination of medication and acupuncture, my blood pressure and sugar levels have been excellent. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone with chronic problems.
Maria, Naugatuck, CT

Chronic Joint Pain
Acupuncture is misunderstood by many, particularly those who have never tried it. When I came to Dr. Yoo about a year ago, I had severe pain tn my right knee, having already had my lelf knee cap removed due to severe arthritis.. My goal was pain management so I could do simple things like manage stairs and play golf. One year later. I have postponed surgery; I play golf twice a week, and no longer have to take stairs one at a time. Dr. Yoo is a true professional and if you are suffering from chronic joint pain as I was, you are missing the opportunity of a lifetime to Improve the quality of your life through acupuncture.
Steve, Stratford, CT

Bulging Disc
Due to nature of my work (Sitting at a desk, working on a company), I have developed a compressed cervical spine, and a slight bulging disc. Because of this, I also suffer from migraines, numbness, inflammation, and severe muscle spasms and stiffness in my neck for 30 years. After several months of treatment with Dr.Yoo, I continue to show significant improvement. Migraines and inflammation are all gone. My muscles are becoming less tight and rigid. I owe it all to the expertise and Knowledge of Dr. Yoo and the professional staff at Physicians Health & Wellness Ctr.
Sincerely, Charlotte Watertown, CT
Restless Leg Syndrome
For the past forty years, I have suffered from Restless leg Syndrome. Over the years doctors have
prescribed various tranquilizers, sedatives and pain killers to give me relief from my nightly discomfort and pain. Since RLS was not a mainstream disease or much known about, I was never taken too seriously. I also developed Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Becoming almost desperate to find comfort for my legs I decided to try acupuncture. I found Dr.Yoo to be very interested and determined to help me. After my third visit I began to notice a great difference in my leg discomfort. After several more visits I began to feel so much better in my whole heatlh problems. I can honesty say I feel better than I have felt in years.
My blood pressure has stabilized, my pain from RA has been very controlled and I feel great. Dr. Yoo has been the only Dr. to treat my restless leg syndrome with any success. He has been compassionate, understanding, and very knowledgeable. I am to grateful to Dr.Yoo for making me so comfortable and pain free. Anyone with the dreaded RLS please try acupuncture, especially Dr. Yoo

Kathleen, Fairfield, CT

Iliotibial Band Syndrome
Thanks to Dr.Yoo at Physicians health and Wellness Center for his Acupuncture treatments I finally feel pain free and live again after experiencing two years of intense pain in my hip and low back. I am extremely grateful for the relief he has given me. It is a true miracle. I thought I would never be pain free again.
Corinne , Shelton, CT

For the past ten years I have been burdened with ringing in the ears(Tinnitus), I have been to several doctors only to be told that there is really nothing that can be done. My wife suggested that I make an appointment with Dr.Yoo to try acupuncture. I took her suggestion and after only a short five weeks of treatment, the sound that has plagued me for over 10 years has decreased significantly. I am overwhelmed with what Dr. Yoo has achieved in such a short time. For anyone who is afflicted with this discomfort and annoyance, I highly recommend acupuncture treatment with Dr,Yoo.

Sincerely, Leonard, Watertown, CT

Ankle Sprain
I highly recommend Acupuncture it's painless& best of all it works.
Thank you Dr. Yoo. You are my Hero!!

A Very Happy Patient Irene Naugatuck, CT

Migraine / Cluster Headache
I had been suffering from migraine & cluster headaches for many years and my wife suggested that I should give acupuncture & chiropractic a try. At that point, I was willing to try just about anything to ease the pain. I began weekly treatments and noticed after a few weeks that the frequency & severity of my headaches was starting to lessen. I believe the acupuncture & chiropractic treatments from Dr.Yoo help release the symptoms.
Fred Stratford,CT

Chronic Shoulder Pain.
I was suffering constant pain in my shoulders and neck. I saw one of Dr.Yoo's cards and decided to try him. I felt immediate relief after the first visit using acupuncture, massage and manipulation, Dr.Yoo has helped me reach a vertically pain-free state. I will continue seeing him for maintenance. The wellness Center staff are wonderful and I am thoroughly pleased with the entire experience. Chronic Shoulder Pain.
Elise Torrington,CT